How To's

How To's

This collection contains valuable information videos on How To Do, Use, Act, React Etc..

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How To's
  • How to use your legs

  • How to use your hands

  • Adjusting the Bit & Bridle

    Although somewhat a matter of preference, it's very important to adjust the bridle properly. Micro adjustments sometimes makes a huge difference. This is why I am very picky about the lengths of my headstall, where the bit sits in the mouth depending on the type of bit and very importantly the cl...

  • Saddle, Cinch & Pad

    I am very symmetrically oriented person and I am very strict about my saddle being put on perfectly. The various pressure points you put on your horse's body when saddling up must be consistently and properly put on or it m ay cause some pain to the horse and cause a loss in performance

  • Put on the Noseband

    Here why and how I use a noseband religiously and the type I prefer. These rope noseband can be found at most tack shop or online. Visit for more information or contact me, I can help you

  • How to use your Spurs

    This is a very anticipated video about how to use your spurs. I hope it answers most of your questions and if you would like to try my spurs by Metalab, let me know.

  • Mane & Tail

    Basic but in some cases, very important to have your mane and tail braided or banded up. Here's why and how I like to do it

  • Protect the Legs & Feet

    Protecting the legs properly is critical to increasing your chance at keeping your horses sound. There are many types and ways, all good there. Here's what I mostly do.

  • Hands Position

    The various positions when training each have a purpose. Here's a brief summary. I will elaborate on that in future videos