THE COMFORT ZONE - Horse Training Video Series

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A series of fun, unique and effective exercises, drills and tools to develop your horses mentally and physically to become the best versions of themselves. Develop "finger tip" control over their whole body and connect with the horse in a way that makes their movement as reactive, fluid and calculated as your own.

  • 4 Key Elements To Improve Turnarounds

    4 videos

    There are many various things you can easily do outside of the turnaround that will be beneficial but helping your horse in the turnaround is a lot easier said than done. This 4 elements will give you the ability to do just that! And then some... Hope you enjoy this series!

  • How To Go From FAST to SLOW

    7 videos

    Going fast to slow my sound like an easy task but there is a lot to it to execute it perfectly! In this series we look at all of the important steps you should take to master speed transitions from how to cue the transition to how to react and what to do based on the reaction to the cue. This is ...

  • Continuous Drill Using The Indirect Rein

    4 videos

    uous Drill is a very effective tool to teach the horse to drive through it's diagonal.

  • Basics Of Training - Beginner's Guide

    8 videos

    Obviously, we could make hundreds of videos about the basics of training horses but this short summary sums it quite well. This was recorded during a clinic in Dominican Republic and the information found in this series is very valuable to anyone training horses. Hope you enjoy!

  • 5 Colt Starting Fundamentals

    8 videos

    During the colt starting process, there are 5 fundamentals every horse should possess before moving on to the arena to increase you chances off success. No Matter which route you choose to take with your colt.

  • Real-Time Training

    6 videos

    Don't miss a thing! In depth live training sessions with real time explanations as we train along.

  • 5 Characteristics of a Well Trained Horses

    6 videos

    Well trained horses all have things in common. These things are developed or encouraged by the trainer so it's very important to keep these characteristics in mind and use them as a guide or goal in your training journey.

  • Top 5 Training Fundamentals

    23 videos

    Top 5 Basics developing absolute complicity with your horses. From Hand Positions, Leg Movements, Body Control Exercises to Training Drills, this Series has it all!

  • How I Deal With Bracing

    5 videos

    This series explains why horses will brace against pressure or cues and how to prevent it from happening. Bracing will make things uncomfortable for you and your horse and will impact your performance no matter what discipline you are in.

  • Pressure & Release Training - 5 Basic Principles

    5 videos

    This Series is a very important one on the platform as Pressure / Release is the core of training. I break down how to use it to your advantage and how to find & eliminate the Point of Resistance.

  • All About Steering

    8 videos

    No matter what discipline you do or even if you are just trail riding, being able to Guide your horse with your finger tips and get a Balanced and Smooth trot and Lope is going to make that experience that much more fun! This video explains in details What is Steering, Why to Steer and How to Tea...

  • Your Q&As Answered!

    3 videos

    In this series I will add detailed video answers the most pertinent and frequent questions I receive

  • Behind The Training Scene - Horse Care & Tacking Up

    4 videos

    In this video I walk you through the Behind The Scenes of our Horse Care program as well as how I protect my horses legs using Polo Wraps, Protecting Boots, which pads and cinches we use, our saddles and the bits and noseband selection and adjustments.

  • My Favorite Mind & Body Conditioning Exercises

    5 videos

    These drills are my preferred routine exercises to condition the brain and body of the horse

  • My Most Used Training Tools For Body Control

    8 videos

    These are the Tools that I use the most to develop body control through diagonals and transitions.

  • 10 Things Good Trainers Do Or Don't Do

    8 videos

    These 10 points are great reminders of what separates horseman and horsewomen from the rest.

  • First Interactions with Bunny (Weekly Updates)

    5 videos

    Follow Bunny progress with weekly updates as we capture first times of each step of her foundation.

  • Preparing Your Horse To Show

    7 videos

    In this Series we look at things you should do to prepare your horse mentally to stay honest and patient in the show pen.

  • Fundamentals to Get Your Horses More Broke

    5 videos

    In this video series, I cover the Fundamental Elements of getting your horses more broke by comparing the results to a car fresh off the production line. No matter who will ride your horses, the cues to stand, steer, brake, speed should be consistent and efficiently programmed into the horse. Sin...

  • Extending the Stride / Diagonal

    6 videos

    How to teach the horse to extend their range of motion and channel their energy through the diagonal to maximize the stride and performance.

  • My Favorite Bits of 2020

    9 videos

    This is a series describing my favorite and most used bits of 2020 including a new addition that has been a game changer.

  • Teaching The Rollback

    9 videos

    Learn the fundamental elements needed to teach a powerful, swift and fluid rollback. In this multi-steps series, I breakdown and combine the key exercises and tools to shape and maintain the perfect rollback

  • Working With Draw Reins

    5 videos

    This 6 Part Video Series explains the Purpose, Benefits, Downsides, Methods, Uses & Exercises

  • 6 Ways To Improve Your Riding

    6 videos

    The 6 tips in this short series are fundamental elements that separates the beginners from the pros. By developing a natural ability to master these things, you will improve your riding or training dramatically.

  • Lead Changes

    4 videos

    Lead Changes are very simple and Basic until they aren't! Here's how to put the odds on your side with this simple exercise and in depth explanation.

  • Side Passing

    5 videos

    Side passing is a very common but once perfected, is a very valuable asset to developing your horse. This short video series explain the in-depth of side passing your horses in training situations.

  • All About Turn Arounds

    10 videos

    Following up to a great question by subscriber Carrianne Peters, I went all out and broke down the Why, When and How to fix, improve and optimize your turn around going In Depth of the most effective exercices and tools to succeed.

  • Transitioning to One Hand - Indirect Rein

    5 videos

    As training progresses, we want our horses to be controllable one handed and using the indirect rein is the most effective way to do that.

  • Programming Your Horses To Show - 13 Steps

    13 videos

    13 Steps covering Warming Up to Programming and Maintaining each maneuver at home or at the show. All the hard work you put in in the foundation and development of your tools are starting to pay off. This is how easy and fun it should be to maintain and prepare your horse to show.

  • How To's
    9 videos

    How To's

    9 videos

    This collection contains valuable information videos on How To Do, Use, Act, React Etc..

  • 12 Key Steps to Optimizing Your Maneuvers

    12 videos

    Key Exercises to get your horse setup perfect to execute maneuvers. Or anything you ask them to do. Setting your horse up in his best position/diagonal possible will have a great impact on the execution. Here are some key steps I take to put make it clear and simple for my horses and for you.

  • Optimizing the Stops & Rundowns

    6 videos

    A 4 Step drill to optimizing your stops and rundowns.

  • Sponsors
    2 videos


    2 videos

    These brands are key to my success! Without their support and their collaboration, it would not be the same!

  • Training Drills

    9 videos

    Here are several key exercises and drills I use frequently to warmup, cool down and train my horses.

  • Just a thought!

    20 videos

    My daily thoughts on random horse related topics which I deem important to share with you.

  • The Training Tools

    10 videos

    This is an equally important part of the development and training of horses. While some may find building the foundation a more rewarding journey, others thrive on the feeling you get when horses start to connect with you in such a way, you can control their body as if it was your own. This is th...

  • The Foundation

    21 videos

    The foundation is the most important step in successfully training a horse. Any steps neglected in building the foundation will have to be revisited at some point in time and be patched up. In this Volume, I take you through the step by step process and show you each key exercise I drill into my ...

  • THE COMFORT ZONE - Horse Training Video Series

    A series of fun, unique and effective exercises, drills and tools to develop your horses mentally and physically to become the best versions of themselves. Develop "finger tip" control over their whole body and connect with the horse in a way that makes their movement as reactive, fluid and calcu...

  • My TOP 5 Training Fundamentals

    23 videos

    The top 5 ways I use my hands and legs while training my top 5 exercises or running my top 5 drills. This Series is my day to day routine in a nutshell!

  • Programming Your Show Horse To His Max Potential

    12 videos

    13 Steps to program and maintain your horse to Max Potential