Just a thought!

Just a thought!

My daily thoughts on random horse related topics which I deem important to share with you.

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Just a thought!
  • Just a thought! On the Sliding Stop

    The sliding stop basics explained!

  • No.01 On Teaching Young Horses To Stop

    Happy to share my Thought of the day with you! Today, my mind was on some important things to consider when teaching a young reining horse the sliding stop. This applies to other discipline as well depending on how you approach it.

  • No.2 Follow Up On Teaching Young Horses To Stop

    Following up on some thought on teaching young reining horses to stop. Again, this applies to multiple disciplines depending on how you approach it. Hope you enjoy it!

  • No.3 On Focus on the drive not the head

    This morning as I watched Alex, my assistant, ride a young horse I had this thought. Figured I would share it with you! Forward motion and pushing the horse through it's diagonal is the key element to having a very trainable horse. Here's my take on that, Hope you enjoy

  • No.4 On starting the spin and state of mind!

    It's important to have your horse in a cooperative state of mind when training. Like my horse today. Here is what I do when I feel my horse is too distracted to train on in the arena or outdoor track.

  • No.5 My friend visits and test rides a prospect

    My friend Khi Bergmann drove from Oklahoma City to test ride on of my prospects. There was something to learn from this experience so I thought I'd share

  • No.6 On How I calm my horses down

    There is a treatment for PTSD called EMDR. Does it work for horses? I believe so!! Have a listen and you will see how, without actually intending to, I have been using this technique on my horses since the very first flexion session I ever did.

  • No.7 On shoulder drop

    We too often react on horses dropping shoulders rather than act. Here's an example

  • Just a thought! No.10 On Steering and Looking Where You Go

    Alex and I went back 2 to 4 weeks on some of them today. Took our spurs off, looked up and went! We often get caught up in training and working the body we forget the fundamental elements of "look up and go forward" which has a way of fixing many problems.. most of which we create ourselves. Hope...

  • Just a thought! No.11 On Longing Your Horses

    Horses that longe well, meaning that follow and give to the slightest pressure to the rope, and follow their nose to the inside has many benefits. Those that freeze or pull back when you add pressure or bolt into it when you just ask them to go forward will cause you unwanted trouble one way or ...

  • Just a thought! No.13 On Rolling Back In The Round Pen

    Rolling back our young horses in the round pen is a good way to evaluate certain characteristics we look for in most western discipline. I believe there's a good and bad way to do it, here is how and why. Hope you enjoy!

  • Just a thought! No.15 Don't Forget To Ride!!

    We sometimes get sucked into looking down and focusing too much on what our horse is doing forget to focus on where he is going. Simply remembering that can change everything in a heart beat. Here's my take on that. Hope it helps

  • No.18 - Low Headed Horses

    Just a thought on horse loping around with their heads low and why in some cases it's ok.

  • No.19 - The Importance of Tools

    It's so important to have effective training tools when training horses! Here's why I think so.

  • No.20 - Where I go You Go

    Guiding our horses starts with our eyes and work it's way down the seat to the hands and legs.